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Woodpeckers X-MAT Starter Kit 1


$ 54.99 


Product Description

Woodpeckers | X-Mat Starter Kit 1 (XMAT-STRKIT1) - Introducing the X-Mat System, a customizable modular assembly system. 


  • (4) X-Mats
  • (4) L-Supports

Features & Benefits:

  • Customizable, Modular Assembly System
  • Designed to help you meet a multitude of shop workholding challenges
  • Works with large cabinet assemblies to finishing small parts
  • X-Mat:
    • Comes in 12" x 12" squares x 3/4" thick
    • Molded from super-tuff, chemical resistant resin
    • Squares fit tightly together with interlocking dovetail-shaped keys
    • Each X-Mat square has 36 "X" shaped sockets in every 12" x 12" X-Mat
    • All accessories feature a piston-fit "X" shape bottom that anchors into the mat
    • When fixed properly, it's impossible for accessories to slip sideways
  •   L-Support:
    • Perfect for holding larger cabinet parts in place for assembly
    • L-Shaped bracket is robust in size at 3-1/2" wide x 5" long base x 4" tall face
    • Formed from glass reinforced polycarbonate makes this virtually indestructible
    • Base is slotted to allow 2" of travel to easily accommodate virtually any cabinet size
    • When positioned, the L-Support is easily clamped in place using its comfort grip knob

Ideal for use with:

    • Woodpeckers Box Clamps for 90 degree woodworking joinery
    • Pocket hole joinery such as Kreg or others
    • Hand fastening parts without bar / pipe clamps getting in way

Don't Forget:

    • Shop other X-Mat accessories such as X-Mat Anchors, X-Mat Fingers, Add-On Row, Box Clamps or additional X-Mat Secure Strips.

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