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Woodpeckers Woodworking Square 8"X5"


$ 79.99 

Precise, accurate and meticulously machined – these are the basic qualities of this Woodpeckers® Precision Aluminum 8" Square. Every woodworker needs a square, and every woodworking project relies on that square’s quality to ensure the quality of the finished project. The accuracy of this square is better than .001" over the entire 8" x 5" size – a direct result of being carefully milled in multiple high RPM passes on state-of-art CNC equipment.

One of the unique features of Woodpeckers Precision Aluminum Square is how it’s constructed. Both the blade and base are machined from a single aluminum block, which results in a far higher degree of square than is possible with the typical two-piece design. Both handles and the square are then fitted together with two chrome hardened steel pins, which ensures bulletproof rigidity and alignment.

Unlike many of today's mass produced, molded or stamped tools, Woodpeckers utilizes its own in-house CNC manufacturing capabilities to craft these fine quality tools, which you’ll be proud to own and pass on for generations. Each square is anodized for durability and laser engraved with inch scale markings for general marking and measuring reference.

All of these attributes add up to a square that can help you craft higher quality, more professional cabinetry and furniture.

Each square includes a custom fitted block which holds the square, protects it from scratches and dings and can be wall mounted for easy access.
  • Machined from a single aluminum block
  • Laser engraved inch scale markings
  • Custom fitted MDF storage case
  • - See more at: http://www.woodcraft.com/product/159656/woodpeckers-851-precision-woodworking-square-8-x-5-with-wallmountable-storage-inch-scale.aspx#sthash.dZO9O4Hz.dpuf

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