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Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro


$ 39.99 
Size:  24 Inch

Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro is the new and improved version of Woodpeckers original Story Stick. Along with many new easy to use features, its also now available in two lengths, 24 (600mm) and 48 (1200mm). The Story Stick Pro has both a standard and center scale on the top surface making it easier to read. It also now features clear double tabs. The double tabs extend out from both edges of the track thus creating a mirror image of your setup. The Story Stick Pro supports a number of new accessories the first of which are caliper arms. Caliper arms allow you to quickly create a physical stick to use as a cut-to reference. The arms are offset to the inside from one direction and the outside from the other. The inside offset is used for the inside measurements and the outside offset for outside measurements.

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