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Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamp


$ 15.99 


Product Description

Woodpeckers | Knuckle Clamp (1 ea) (KNCLAMP) - Versatile gripping with no slipping!


  • Quick clamping action
  • Pivot-style hold-down clamps
  • For use with aluminum t-tracks installed on jigs, router tables, workbenches, drill press tables and more!
  • Takes clamping ability to a whole new level
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Features seven circular pivot points that provide a wide range of positions
  • Multiple lock-in points maximize your clamping capabilities
  • Work with different work piece thicknesses and shapes
  • Incorporates a pair of flat, pivoting feet that are padded with molded rubber
  • This design allows you to apply even pressure without marring the workpiece surface
  • Molded from reinforced polycarbonate, these clamps are virtually indestructable
  • Sold individually
  • Made in the USA


  • (1) Woodpeckers | Knuckle Clamp (KNCLAMP)

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