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Woodpeckers 24" Precision T-square


$ 114.99 

Product Description

Woodpeckers | T-Square 24" (TS-24-2) - Draw straighter, more accurate lines in less time.


  • 24" Blade
  • Precisely machined, laser engraved aluminum blade
  • Perfectly fitted to a solid, billet handle with support steps to prevent tipping
  • Both critical parts are fastened together with screws offset to create tension between the blade and handle for mechanical soundness
  • Blade has precisely spaced 1mm holes machined every 1/16"
  • These holes fit both standard and mechanical pencils
  • Additional holes are machined on exact 1" centers for marking shelf pin locations
  • Blade edges are formed at a 30 degree bevel
  • Blade edges are engraved with precise inch-scale markings graduated to 1/32"
  • Packed in a fitted, wooded, wall mountable case for safe storage.
  • Made in the USA


  • Beveled edge design reduces parallax and increases measuring and marking accuracy
  • 24" blade ideal for cabinetry and sheet goods
  • Stick a pencil in the holes in the blade, slide along your work piece, and you have a perfectly spaced line accurately following the stock edge
  • Every marking is laser perfect and every hole is accurately spaced. 
  • Accurate to fractions of a thousandth of an inch.


  • (1) Woodpeckers | T-Square 24" (TS-24-2)
  • (1) Wooden case

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