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Woodpeckers 12" Precision Woodworking Square


$ 109.99 

Product Description

Woodpecker's 1281 12" Precision Woodworking Square (1281R)

Precision aluminum woodworking square by Woodpeckers, a must have for any woodworker where precision and quality counts!


  • Precision aluminum 12" square
  • Accuracy of square better than 0.001" over the entire 8" x 12" size.  
  • Laser engraved with inch scale markings for general marking and measuring reference
  • Both blade and base are machined from a signle aluminum block, resuling in a higher degree of square then two-piece designs
  • Carefully milled in multiple high RPM passes on state of the art CNC machining equipment
  • Both handles & square are fitted together with two chrome hardened steel pins to ensure solid rigidity and alignment
  • Anodized for durability
  • Comes packed in a custom fitted block for protection from scratches, dings and storage (mounts easily).
  • Made in USA


  • Precise & accurate over time
  • Heirloom quality manufacturing & durability
  • Higher degree of square over two-piece designs
  • Solid rigidity & alignment
  • Lifetime guaranteed accuracy


  • (1) Woodpeckers 1281 Precision 12" Woodworking Square (1281R)
  • (1) Custom fitted block which holds the square

Warranty:  Lifetime guaranteed accuracy

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