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Stick Fast Activator

Stick Fast

$ 9.99 


  • Do not store Pump Bottle next to CA Bottle. The fumes from the activator may create an unwanted cure within the CA bottle.
  • This product is flammable and must be kept away from excessive heat, spark, or flame.
  • Do not mix other brands of Activator with Stick Fast products; they may not be compatible.

Stick Fast Activator


  • Faster curing of ALL CA products
  • Economical application
  • Fine mist aerosol application
  • Available in Pump: 2oz, 8oz
  • Available in Aerosol: 3oz, 7.5oz, 12.5oz


Popular Uses

  • Pump application- accelerates bond
  • Aerosol- accelerates bond, apply directly on CA to accelerate cure
  • Accelerate cure when CA applied to highly acidic surfaces
  • Pump sprayer uses a solvent carrier that does not affect plastic
  • Aerosol Activator provides a fine mist and uses a solvent that affects plastics but will evaporate quicker which will affect the appearance of the CA less
  • Note: Using too much activator may cause the CA to 'boil' and reduce the bond strength. Unwanted whitening or bubbles may appear. Aerosol application SOLVES this problem by reducing the chance of over application

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