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Red Crown Lye for Soap Making (Food Grade)

Red Crown

$ 11.99 


Made especially for passionate soapers! Domestically made right here in the US, manufactured by a chemical company specializing in quality products for over 100 years now, circa 1912. Red Crown Lye is a renown vendor member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. Ideal for the individual or professional soapmakers & bakeries. Each container is fresh and distributed right from the manufacturing plant. You won't find any brown specks from this brand! As an added tip for soap makers, you may need to strain your lye mixture. Results may vary depending on your level of experience. Award-winning soapmaking recipe also included! ** Please proceed with caution and always use protective wear when handling this product. This product should always be handled with care in a well ventilated area. ** For those interested in purchasing 9 or more canisters please contact us directly for a case quantity sale! **Disclaimer: Please be mindful that when placing an order to select or input your most current and accurate address that you have on file. If you have moved recently it is especially important to do so because there is no recourse once it has been picked up by the shipping carrier from our distributor's facility. If you live in an apt. bldg or complex please be sure to include which apt. number as well. If you realized you had made a mistake please contact us immediately before the order gets fulfilled as we do our best to have it processed quickly. Thank you for reading this over and we hope you came to find what you were looking for.


  • Food grade
  • perfect for making high quality soaps
  • A wide mouth opening so the lye won't get caught in the neck
  • Made in the US
  • Red Crown has been creating products for over 100 years

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