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Red Crown High Test Lye for Making Soap (non-food grade)

Red Crown

$ 9.99 


Made especially for passionate soapers! Domestically made right here in the US, manufactured by a chemical company specializing in quality products for over 100 years now, circa 1912. Red Crown Lye is a renown vendor member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. Ideal for the individual or professional soapmakers & bakeries. Each container is fresh and distributed right from the manufacturing plant. You won't find any brown specks from this brand!

As an added tip for soap makers, you may need to strain your lye mixture. Results may vary depending on your level of experience.

Award-winning soapmaking recipe also included!

** Please proceed with caution and always use protective wear when handling this product. This product should always be handled with care in a well ventilated area. **

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