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Real Milk Paint Half & Half 32oz

Real Milk Paint Company

$ 23.99 


This is pre-mixed Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent from the Real Milk Paint Co.

We found that is most cases the Pure Tung Oil is too thick to penetrate most surfaces. Thinning with a natural solvent helps the oil penetrate deeper in the material. The 1 to 1 or Half & Half ratio seems to work best all around for most surfaces like new raw wood, butcher block counter tops, concrete, terracotta clay pots, stone, and slate. Generally, 3 to 5 coats work to seal and water proof. This all natural finish does take 7 to 10 days to develop a water resistance. This finish is also safe for food contact surface. For dense hardwood, a 2 part Citrus Solvent to 1 part Pure Tung oil is recommended. This is easy made when you purchase a 32 ounce Half & Half just add a 16 oz Citrus Solvent to your purchase. To see the color of your surface before oiling just wet with water. The way it looks wet but not glossy is the color you have when the oil is dry.


  • Quart – 32 oz. covers 100 sq. feet per coat

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