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Chalk Supply Black Bristle Paint & Wax Brush

Chalk Supply

$ 18.99 

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Paint & Wax Brush

  • - All Products are made with Pure Top Quality Bristle
  • - Nickel Ferrule firmly set in epoxy
  • - Red capsule plastic for protection of epoxy and a clean look
  • - Lightweight and ergonomic beech wood handle with a clear satin varnish
  • - Thermo Plastic wrapped for added protection
  •  Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Black Bristle Brushes

By nature, black china bristle is a stiffer, stronger and thicker coarse hair. It is ideal for waxing and painting, as well as stains, polyurethanes and glues. Black bristle is the most popular with professional painters because of its strength and long-lasting durability. It can cover large areas with less effort and still provide a smooth finish

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