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Paint-EZE Paint Dispensers


$ 8.99 

Paint-EZE™ dispensers are compatible with a wide range of mineral based, water based, low to zero VOC paints. Artistic paints and virtually any paint which has a thicker consistency and is low VOC, can be stored in Paint-EZE™. As always, its is recommended that you follow the paint manufacturers guidelines for proper storage, perish-ability time, and any special handling instructions.

Paint-EZE™ may be used for certain liquid type, Milk Paints of thicker consistency. Please note if the Milk Paint you are using is from a powder base mix, any issues that may arise from the products perish-ability should be considered and are not generally recommended for Paint-EZE™. Always check with the manufacturer before using for paint storage. It is NOT recommended using Paint-EZE™ dispensers for paints that are or have a very watery consistency.

** Do Not Use Paint-EZE™ Dispensers for paint or sealers with High VOC, flammable or toxic components. **


Dispensers are available in 16oz and 32oz sizes.

Small Combo Pack includes: a 16oz. dispenser, a 32oz. dispenser, and a valve lid wrench.

Large Combo Pack includes: (3) 16 oz. Dispensers, (3) 32oz. dispensers, 1 Valve Lid Wrench, and 2 replacement valves.

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