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Liberon Ring Remover 125ml


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Those pesky white rings appear everywhere! Hazy marks can occur in certain finishes within 15 minutes! What's happening is that moisture or humidity is getting trapped within the hard finish layer. (If a black mark appears it has penetrated through the finish onto the wood, and a wood bleach will be necessary.) Ring Remover removes white heat and water marks on many hard surfaces, including varnishes, shellacs, lacquer, French polish and polyurethane. One of Liberon's top selling repair products!

  • Easy to apply! Use a clean lint-free cotton cloth and rub in a circular motion over the mark. Allow to dry to powder before buffing with a soft cloth.
  • For waxed surfaces, first remove the wax with a good cleaner or mineral spirits, then apply Ring Remover. Follow the directions on the bottle, then re-wax the surface with paste wax.
  • After buffing, if the repaired spot is a bit shiny, take a dry Liberon 4/0 steel wool pad to break the shine back down to a matte finish.

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