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Kramer's Best Wood Oyl

Kramer's Best

$ 12.95 
Size:  3 Oz


Contains absolutely the purest, safest ingredients for use on any wood that will be in contact with food: butcher blocks, salad bowls, cutting boards, rolling pins, noggins, utensils, infant's chew toys, &c.

Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl protects the wood against necessary, repeated washing with soap and scalding water. Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl is easily replenished as needed and will not turn rancid like vegetable oils or gummy like mineral oil. Merely rub into the wood with your hands, a cloth, abrasive nylon scrubbing pad, or fine steel wool to burnish. Rubbing in with the hands warms the wood and deepens penetration.

When something is going to be in contact with food, there is no such thing as too safe. 

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