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Hot Stuff Hot-Tips HT-600 2 pcs

Hot Stuff

$ 1.99 


Hot Tips are the replacement spouts and overcaps for our 1,2, and 4oz bottles of Hot Stuff Original thin CA glue, Super T medium gap-filling CA glue, and Special T thick ultra gap-filling CA glue. If you are having problems with spouts clogging, you may first want to read up on why CA glue spouts clog and how to prevent it. However, sometimes you can't control the situation that is causing your spouts to clog. If that's the case, we offer replacement spouts and overcaps.


This item is a box of 2 spouts and overcaps; if you go through a lot of spouts and would like to buy them in bulk, choose our HT-12 Value Pack (12 spouts and caps) or our BHT-600 100-pack of Replacement Spouts and Overcaps for 1,2, and 4oz bottles of CA Glue.

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