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$ 15.95 

Chalk Style Paint is a casual chalky interior matte paint in 20 contemporary colors. This new palette complements our lively Milk Paint line with colors inspired by relaxed Scandinavian hues, British tradition and American favorites.
EXISTING FINISHES: Clean using scotch brite pad and a 50|50 mix of denatured alcohol and water. Buff lightly with a 220 sanding pad and remove dust with oil free tack cloth. 
RAW WOOD: Sand with the grain using #120 grit followed by #220-grit paper. Remove dust with oil free tack cloth. APPLICATION: 
Stir well prior to use. 
Apply LIBERALLY with a foam brush, bristle brush, paint pad applicator or foam roller. 
SPRAYING: Can be sprayed through compressed air, HVLP, airless or C.A.S. units. Fluid tip sizes should be as follows: Compressed air - .050, HVLP - .072, Airless - .013. Use medium size air caps. Check with you equipment supplier for proper tip sizes.  If thinning is needed, add 5% -10 water.
Lightly buff between coats with extra-fine sanding pad or 220 grit (or higher) sandpaper. Remove dust with an oil free tack cloth. 
2-3 coats are recommended. 
DRY TIME: 2-4 hours under ideal conditions (70 degrees F or 21 C, 70% humidity). Cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong dry time up to 10 hours. 
THINNING: Thin with 5-15% GF Extender or water. 
TOPCOATS: For more durability, Chalk Style Paint can be topcoated with water based GF High Performance, GF Flat Out Flat, or Enduro Professional topcoats. Topcoating is highly recommended in high use areas such as table tops and cabinets. It is not required for low use items such as a book shelf. Also use a topcoat if you want a smoother surface because it is a more textural finish than Milk Paint. Because Chalk Style Paint is more porous, the first layer of topcoat will be rougher than it is over Milk Paint. Oil topcoats may be used after a 24 hour dry time, but they will amber over light colors. 
CLEANUP: Warm, soapy water. 
COVERAGE: 100 ft2/quart or 9.8 m2/liter. 
STORAGE: Keep from freezing. Avoid storing paint in temperatures above 80F. 
VOC: Less than 150 grams per liter. 

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