West Michigan Finishes

CrystaLac Super Premium Clear Gloss (Quart)


$ 24.79 

CrystaLac® Super Premium Clear Finish is a water-based, exceptional interior resin blend that offers superb hardness, optical clarity, and chemical and mar resistance. Super Premium is especially recommended for “top” surfaces such as tables, bar tops, pianos and musical instruments. It is highly resistant to moisture and alcohol, so it is great for use on any surface that demands a hard, tough, protective finish. It can be brushed or sprayed on and has excellent flow out and leveling properties. For best results, apply when temperature is between 60° 80°. Coverage is approximately 500 square feet per gallon or 125 square feet per quart. It dries to the touch in approximately 18 minutes, and you can re-coat in one hour.
  • Can be brushed on or sprayed on surfaces
  • Environmentally safe, nontoxic and low VOC
  • Tough, fast drying interior furniture and cabinet finish
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