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Heirloom Traditions Chalk Style Paint Quarts

Heirloom Traditions

$ 29.95 

Heirloom Traditions Paint is suitable for  wood, metals, ceramics, leather, etc. The bonding properties of our product are like no other. It dries to a matte finish with little to no brush marks and  a velvety soft finish. Once the desired paint color has been achieved , one of 10  wax products can be applied to seal, antique and protect the finish.

Key Product Features:


No Sanding or Prep: Our paint requires little to no prep work, depending on the surface you are working on. Most wood finishes can be painted without any sanding or primer needed.   Just simply apply the super adhering paint right to a clean dry surface.

Wet Sandable:  Our paint is formulated to allow ease of distressing during the first 30 minutes to an hour after painting.  This will allow you to distress and age your project without the use of sanding paper.  Simply scrub areas that you wish to expose the layer beneath with a scrubbing pad or a soft grit sand paper.  The paint will cure in 24 hours and the wet sand process will not work as easily.  The wet sanding method will keep down the sanding dust, if using the products indoors.

No VOC’s: Little to  no VOC’s are emitted with our products.  The paints are water based and have omit  little odor.

Odorless for Indoor Use: Our paints are designed using green products and have little to no odor.  They are able to be used indoors and omit little to no VOC’s into the air.

100 % Green Product:  Everything used  in our product is a natural product and is totally recyclable.  Even our containers are 100% made from recycled plastics.

50 Colors Available:  We have 50 exciting , fashionable colors.  We update and change our colors from time to time, to stay current in the market place.

10 Wax Colors Available: We offer 10 antiquing wax  finishes.  These wonderful wax finishes allow you to be the artist.   Each color offers a variety of looks that can be achieved,making the possibilities endless that you can create using Heirloom Traditions Paint !

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