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Chalk Supply Stubby Handle Wax Brush

Chalk Supply

$ 27.99 
Size:  Large

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Stubby Handle Wax Brush- White Bristle

Stubby (Short) Handle Wax Brush

  • - Highest Quality Pure White Bristle
  • - Shorter, Clear Lacquered Handle
  • - Nickel Plated Ferrule
  • -Round, flat tip, plastic wrapped for protection
  • -Great for detail waxing as well as stencils and gluing
  • Sizes:  Medium - The bristle has 2" length and 1.5" diameter. The brush has a total length of 8" with a wood handle that is 5 1/2" long.

                       Large- The bristle has 2 1/2" length and 2" diameter. The brush has a total length of 9" with a wood handle

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