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Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer

Aqua Coat

$ 25.99 

Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer is a water-based, hard acrylic emulsion polymer that exhibits excellent stain and water-resistant properties.  Our water based premium grade, non-yellowing, clear acrylic top coat is suitable for all interior wood, metal, and plastic surfaces.

Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer contains coalescing, leveling, and defoaming agents, making it a fully formulated, clear, waterborne product.

This product may be thinned with water and forms an excellent finish that can be re-coated in 30-60 minutes.

Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer forms a hard, stain-resistant film with exceptional clarity and mar resistance. It exhibits superior flow and leveling properties and is self-cross-linking to produce fast-drying films.

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