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Briwax Teak Oil


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Teak oil is a blend of oils that will penetrate, seal and finish a wide variety of woods and veneered surfaces. It is specially formulated for teak, which is difficult to finish. The satin finish enhances the natural beauty of wood. Teak Oil is suitable for exterior or interior use.

DIRECTIONS: To achieve a good finish, ensure that the wood is dry and free from contaminants such as grease and wax. Lightly sand, apply Teak Oil liberally with a clean dry rag or brush. On new wood, 2 or 3 coats will be necessary. Allow 4 to 8 hours drying time between coats depending on temperature and conditions. Teak Oil can be used as a stand-alone finish or be over coated with Briwax. Use mineral spirits to clean brushes.

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